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[edit] Mathematics Learning Center

Location: 234 Fisher Hall
Phone: (906) 487-2184
Director: Dennis Lewandowski

Student Executive Coaches:
Appointments: Zach Nelson
Walk-Ins: Ashley Hendricks
Hiring and Communcations: Hannah Wilder

[edit] Walk-ins

What is the benefit of getting help during walk-in hours?

Walk-in hours provide a chance for you to get some quick help with your math classes. We also have text books, student solution manuals and notes available for you to use. Just ask the walk-in coach to see what we have available.

How do walk-ins work?

Simply come to the learning center during our walk-in hours. Sign in on the computer to your left as you walk into the room and have a seat. Start working and when you have a problem, raise your hand or ask a coach.

When are walk-ins offered?

Walk-in hours are posted on the window of the MLC. See a coach for more information and check the schedule below. You can walk in & get help from coaches on first-come first-serve basis.

[edit] Walk-in Schedule

Note: We often have special hours during holiday weeks, these hours will be posted on the door of the MLC Image:MLC_Walkin_Hours_2.PNG

[edit] Statistics/Other Walk-in Hours

We have coaches that can offer assistance in following courses:

All Statistics, Including:
MA 2710 – Introduction to Statistical Analysis
MA 2720 – Statistical Methods
MA 3710 – Engineering Statistics
MA 3720 – Probability

Other Courses Include:
MA 3450 – Intro to Real Analysis
CE 3710 – Uncertainty Analysis in Engineering
EE 1110 – Essential Mathematics for Electrical Engineering

Please see the schedule below for times when assistance may be offered in these courses.*

  • Please note that occasionally the schedule may deviate from week-to-week, and that not all of the coaches on the shift will be able to assist you in the courses stated on the schedule.

If these hours do not fit with your schedule, we suggesting signing up for a one-time appointment (use link in appointments section below) or a weekly appointment

[edit] Spring 2016 Stats/Other Courses Walk-ins Hours


[edit] Appointments

What is an appointment?

Appointments are are a chance for you to work weekly with a coach on a one-on-one basis. You will have the opportunity to have questions answered about homework, review concepts for exams, or study for exams.

We are now offering both WEEKLY and ONE-TIME appointment options, visit [1] for more details.

When are appointments offered?

Appointments are offered during the fall and spring semesters. Appointments are offered both before and after our usual walk-in hours as well as during the day. Available slots can be found on the appointment calendar ( [2]). If you cannot find a slot that fits into your schedule or need help signing up, please email

How do I sign up?

Registration is open all semester. Please visit [3] for instructions. (You must be logged into your MTU-google account to access this site.)

Email or visit the MLC (Fisher 234) with any questions.

[edit] Coach Information

Below is a list of the coaches and their emails. Feel free to email your coach. For general questions, please email the MLC at

Each coach is listed as name and email.

Alexander Baker, ambaker1

JoAnn Ballor, jpballor

Daniel Bast, drbast

Kevin Belvitch, kabelvit

Jackson Burek, jtburek

Ryan Connor, rpconnor

Jeremy Daley, jbdaley

Jon Furlich, jefurlic

Mark Gibson, mbgibson

Keegan Harrington, kgharrin

Ashley Hendricks, ashleyh

Morgan Herzog, mmherzog

Ethan Hoffman, erhoffma

Andrew Hubbell, arhubbell

Leah Kimminau, lmkimmin

Stephanie King, smking

Bob Lebrell, rslebrel

Zach Little, zjlittle

Kristin Lowery, kblowery

Jenan Makled, jmakled

Steven Maurer, stmaurer

Alex Miltenberger, ammilten

Karry Modolo, kamodolo

Erin Neil, emneil

Zachery Nelson, zhnelson

Laura Nitz, lrnitz

Michelle Nitz, mgnitz

Neil Olson, nbolson

Matthew Palo, mzpalo

Derryl Poynor, djpoynor

Thomas Price, tkprice

Sam Richards, snrichar

Katie Riutta, kdriutta

Gunnar Rodgers, grogers

Nolan Seelye, nmseelye

  • Dylan Turpeinen, dgturpei

Alexander Vizurraga, alvizurr

Hannah Wilder, hewample

Jim Woodford, jrwoodfo

JiaRui Yu, jiaruiy

  • Coaches are away for the Spring semester

[edit] Hiring

The Requirements:

In order to be eligible for becoming an Math Learning Center Coach you have to have completed through Calc II when you apply. You must plan on finishing Calc III, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations by the beginning of the spring semester of the next year (the year after application).

The Process:

The hiring process consists of two stages. The first stage is the application which is followed by an interview with two coaches. The final stage is participating in a tryout. Here you act as a coach and current coaches pretend to be students.

[edit] The Application

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2016!

The application can be found using the following link:

Please bring the completed application to the Math Learning Center (Fisher 234) by Friday, February 26th at 3 pm. No late application will be accepted.