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[edit] Academic Integrity in the Mathlab

The MathLab follows the MTU Academic Integrity Policy described on the Student affairs policies page. The following specific rules are intended to clarify acceptable levels of collaboration on the various academic assignments associated with the mathlab. Violations of these policies are automatically reported to the Dean of Student Affairs office.

[edit] Calculus Lab Assignments

Labs that require notebooks to be submitted are to be completed individually. Students can collaborate on assignments, but each student needs to fully understand the entire lab and student must individually write their own labs.

[edit] Online Quizzes

Online quizzes are brief, online assignments completed individually on the Canvas website.

  • You can use any electronic, printed, or handwritten materials.
  • You can have Mathematica running (and use labs you have done previously) while taking the quizzes.
  • You can not communicate with anyone other than a Mathlab employee while taking quizzes.

[edit] Things you can do

The above rules are not intended to prevent you and your classmates from helping each other.

  • You can (and should) help others in and out of the lab. The basic principle is that the person you are helping needs to understand what they are doing and be able to do it themselves. However, doing a lab for someone else is considered a violation of Academic Integrity.

[edit] Things you can not do

Please treat your colleagues profesionally and avoid:

  • Viewing pornography on the MathLab computers.
  • Handing in assignments containing offensive language.