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[edit] Mathlab Account Maintenance and Use

  1. Routine maintenance in the Mathlab is scheduled at 2am every day, and 8am - 9am Monday. Processes left running over these times on the servers may be terminated.
  2. Course accounts are deleted automatically two weeks after the end of the course. Do not leave things in your MathLab account over the summer unless you are a math major.
  3. Course accounts are added automatically from the current course list provided online by the registrar.
  4. If you cannot log in to your mathlab account, ask the Lab Consultant (on duty at the desk in Fisher 331) to report the problem. Within 24 hours (during the work week) you should receive an e-mail.
  5. If you have any other problems in the lab, ask the Lab Consultant (on duty at the desk in Fisher 331) to report them. It cannot get fixed if nobody knows it is broken!
  6. The Mathlab provides a variety of software:
    • The widely used, comprehensive mathematics package Mathematica;
    • A general office suite OpenOffice;
    • A modern web browser Firefox providing access to HuskyMail;
    • The numercal linear algebra package Matlab;
    • The widely used statistics package SAS (available in Fisher 330).
  7. The Lab Consultants (on duty at the desk in Fisher 331) have all successfully completed the MA1160 calculus sequence and are experienced with Mathematica, OpenOffice, and Mozilla. They are paid by your lab fees, use their experience.
  8. Computationally intensive batch programs should not be run during regular class hours. Graduate students and math majors can run such jobs overnight or on weekends provided they are "niced", do not use more than one processor, and finish before classes restart. Jobs that interfere with classes will be terminated.